Art Classes in Phoenix

Phoenix has always welcomed artistic expression. It’s something that we’ve been able to pass down so new generations can add their own flavor and individuality to the mix. But when venues to explore that creativity are hard to find, it can create a gap in important storytelling,creativity and artistic discovery.

At Brightside Studios, we’ve dedicated 3-nights of the week to host Art Classes in Phoenix AZ to help provide a venue for budding artists of all types.

Local Art Classes for Adults

For many, once primary school is completed, the opportunity to use art as a means of expression or therapeutic release is limited. There aren’t many places to go for adults to learn new skills without something that requires a lot of time and money.

Our local art classes are specifically designed for adults to come in and have a good time, even if they’ve never held a paint brush before. Tickets include a free alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverage of your choice, and our full café menu is available for you to order dinner or a shareable plate while you create!

Local art classes for adults at Brightside Studios
Local art classes for kids at Brightside Studios

Local Art Classes for Kids

Look, we know how important it is to find healthy activities for kids – especially during those difficult summer months. Parents are desperate to find the next, best indoor activity that will inspire their children to grow and build new skills.

Brightside’s Chameleon Club is the perfect idea for those budding artists in the family. Our special club events are heavily discounted, and allow your child to paint, build crafts and make a mess without ruining the carpet or walls in your home!

Wine and Art Classes

It’s hard to find a better pairing. Art and Wine just seem to go perfectly together, and our Paint and Sip classes can certainly back it up. If you’re looking for a unique date idea, ladies night out, or even team building event – Brightside’s lively and entertaining instructors will take you from finger-painting to Picasso in no time at all!

We remove the “stuffiness” that can sometimes plague art circles. We are here to encourage fun and creative expression. There are no wrong colors to choose or mistakes to make… as Bob Ross would say, only “happy accidents” happen at Brightside.

Wine and art classes at Brightside Studios

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