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  • Each Workstation will be furnished with a medium-duty easel, 4’x2’ side-table, artist’s stool, enclosed-bookshelf for your belongings, and charging station. Members can bring whatever they need into the workstation, but must take it with them when finished.
  • Brightside Studios big offer for members is the Supply Drop Station – which is essentially a large 15ft wall of art supplies that members can grab during their stay – this includes specialty brushes, heat guns, stencils, pencils, charcoal, rulers, sponges, towels, aprons, and FREE acrylic paint (it’s actually good stuff). The idea is to allow people to try new things, mix colors, make mistakes, and not worry about breaking the bank (or their home).
  • Brightside Studios will have art supplies for sale, but if members have specific brands or brushes that they’ve used for years, they can bring in their own supplies.
  • The main studio will have two “Cleaning Stations” for proper brush cleaning and easy-exit. For members who only use in-house brushes/supplies, they can simply throw them in the deep sink and our staff will clean them for the next members to use. 
  • If members bring their own supplies, they can use the sink, water-wand and cleaning solutions to properly maintain those expensive brushes, etc. — then, pack up and head home.
  • Brightside Studios offers an “Unfinished Works” room, where artists can store unfinished projects for the night, week, or month. Brightside Studios charges for the storage space, but Annual members get it for free.
  • The 15+ Workstations are inside the MAIN Studio area, which can only be accessed by members via keycard. So, for any artist that wants to come in, the studio doors are locked unless they’ve scanned their credentials via mobile app. To help keep stations available, we encourage all members to limit their work sessions to 2-4 hours.
  • Directly outside of the Main Studio, Brightside offers a full-coffee bar with trained baristas – so if members wish, they can walk 20-30ft to the bar and one of our staff will whip-up their favorite espresso, cold brew, etc. (beer and wine, too, but only for members ages 21+).


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