The Best Murals in Phoenix AZ

Phoenix has a proud history of showcasing local artists – especially through largescale projects – whether it be the light rail system, exhibits at the airport, or dedicating brick-and-mortar locations for new colorful murals. Art is celebrated in Phoenix, and Brightside is a central supporter for artists looking to make this city a more colorful place.

During the development of Brightside Studios, several muralists offered their time and talent to create 4 separate works of art that are unrivalled in the Phoenix area.

Some of the Best Murals in Phoenix

Early in the construction phase of Brightside Studios, local muralists Nyla Lee, Tato Caraveo, Jason Begay and Diego Perez set the tone for what was to become the hang out spot for Phoenix creatives.

We were lucky enough to have a video crew on location to capture their process and learn more about these amazing talents:

One of the Best Murals in Phoenix AZ – Diego Perez

Outdoor Murals Near Us

We love seeing the city evolve with more and more colorful murals. Some of our favorite artists are working hard to change the landscape of the Valley – check them out!

Taylor Victoria

If you aren’t following Taylor on social media, you’re truly missing out. Not only is this artist a fantastic content creator, her dedication to local schools and businesses is something to celebrate. Aside from her many indoor murals, this one at 32nd Street and Shea Blvd is a favorite of ours:

Outdoor Murals in Phoenix - Taylor Victoria
Outdoor Murals in Phoenix - Kayla Newman

Kayla Newnam

You’ve probably seen Kayla’s fantastic use of color around Phoenix – but never even realized it. Now that she’s filled the Phoenix streets with her artwork, Kayla’s been traveling, sharing her creativity across the US. Here’s one of our favorites from her:

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Just Giovanni

You won’t find someone more active in the Phoenix art-scene than “Just”. He’s constantly collaborating, working with fellow creatives and bringing new ideas to the table. If you’ve been in the city long enough, you’ve seen his work.

Looking for more murals? Of course, Brightside Studios doesn’t have the only mural in Phoenix. You can find many more by visiting:

Outdoor Murals in Phoenix - Just Giovanni
graffiti mural in Phoenix – The Freedom of Birds

Graffiti Murals Near Us

One of the most fun activities is to Mural Hunt around the Valley! Looking specifically for graffiti murals in Phoenix?

See what you can find at:

The above mural can be found in Tempe, Arizona. Follow RealSourFace for more of his work:

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