Top Paint Studio in Phoenix AZ

We believe that Phoenix creatives can positively impact the local community. Through their expression, artwork, and devotion to their craft, they hold the power to make this city a more colorful and welcoming place.

Everything we do is designed to provide a wonderous experience for our art studio members. We’re not here to sell expensive art supplies or average food – we’re here to open the door to greater possibilities through creativity and genuine connections. There’s truly no other place like it in Arizona.

What Makes a Good Paint Studio?

As artists, we understand the need for Phoenix creatives to have a space where they can express themselves without fear or encumbrance. We’re here to encourage greater creativity for both the professional artist and the passive lover of art.

Our paint studio is an accessible, friendly, and supportive environment. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, amateur, or picking up a paint brush for the first time – our studio is meant for fun and creative expression.

Any studio should work to eliminate hurdles that may prevent artists from creating freely. At Brightside, our spacious, naturally-lit paint studio provides all the tools and inspiration to take your creativity to the next level.

What Makes a Good Paint Studio?

What is the Studio Membership Concept?

The mission behind Brightside Studios is to create a dream space for Phoenix artists – specifically painters – where they can hang out, work, eat, drink great coffee and utilize a large studio space to express themselves (or in some cases, working artists can produce inventory for less overhead cost).

This space has been specifically designed to generate creativity, collaboration, and inspired connection. We’ve attempted a turnkey solution where an artist can land and have everything provided to them to fuel their passions… and their appetite.

The Perfect Art Studio for Painters

  • Each of our semi-private workstations are furnished with a medium-duty easel, 4’x2’ side-table, artist’s stool, enclosed-bookshelf for belongings, and charging station.
  • We have a “Supply Drop Station” – which is essentially a large 15ft wall of art supplies that artists can grab during their stay – this includes specialty brushes, heat guns, stencils, pencils, charcoal, rulers, sponges, towels, aprons, YOU NAME IT — but the main draw for most members is the free acrylic paint (and it’s actually good stuff).
  • We have a small art store next to the studio. If you run out of Yellow Ochre right before finishing their masterpiece, they don’t have to leave to grab more paint – everything is under one roof!
  • Artists often have specific brands or brushes that they’ve used for years. At Brightside, members can always bring in their own supplies and use on their project.
  • We have two “Cleaning Stations” for proper brush cleaning and easy exit. For members who only use in-house brushes/supplies, they can simply throw them in the labeled trays and our staff will take it from there!
  • If bringing personal art supplies, members can use the sink, water-wand and cleaning solutions to properly maintain those expensive brushes, etc. — then, pack up and head home!

The idea is to allow people to try new things, mix colors, make mistakes, and not worry about breaking the bank (or their home).

Unique Paint Studio Membership Concept at Brightside Studios

Fluid Art or Pour Paint Studio

Pour Painting, otherwise known as Fluid Art is a popular form of creative expression using heavy-flow acrylic paint and mixing with different mediums to create beautiful abstract art.

The problem? It’s way too messy for your home!

Inside Brightside Studios’ main creative space, members can use our specified “Pour Paint Station” that houses all the necessary tools, accessories and mediums to create some stellar wall décor. Not only that, but when members are done slinging paint, they can simply store their canvas to dry overnight and head home – no cleanup necessary!

Do you have questions about our studio memberships, or want to tour the space before grabbing a pass? Contact us today!

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